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To provide affordable, reliable and flexible home care services

Our homecare support service - what we can offer you

We believe that everyone who receives our service is entitled to information in different formats. We also endeavour to provide our service on time with reliability, respect, integrity and honesty. We ensure that all staff are appropriately dressed in uniform and make hygiene, both yours and theirs, the highest priority.

We not only care for people at home, but we respond to personalised choices. This includes going out with you to the shops, activities and attending places of religious worship. Occasionally people require Chater Care staff to accompany them on holiday (both in the UK and abroad) to provide care and safety. We can and do respond to the most imaginative of ideas.

Charter Care ensures that you are fully involved in the pre-service assessments and care plans. We make sure you receive our service user guide so that you can know everything about us; how we work, who we employ, our charges and how to complain if you feel that our dervices are not to your liking. That's why we are called "Charter Care" - our promose to do the best we can.

Carers are friendly, have a great sense of humour and are very caring. I wouldn't change anything about them or the service I receive.

Michael Hough - Service User

Charter Care have been providing support services for over 25 years across the Black Country. We understand the importance of respect, courtesy, keeping personal matters private and all matters concerning your security and protection in your own home.

Thank you for choosing Charter Care. Our information induction pack will be brought to you by one of our managers.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or queries - we'd love to hear from you


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